The Year Ahead

What’s Ahead?

We all know what’s behind us. Let’s look ahead. It seems the sky is clearing.

Hopefully the team has survived a rough time.

Mountain Bike

This team has thrived. Most of the events went off. The Team Jersey was regularly seen on podiums.

(Will upload some photos soon)


Grace Tenney on the Rodeo Cross podium, “flying the colors”

Not a great year, but we have the distinction of putting on the only race of the points season.

This year should come back strong


A fast growing sport in FL, we are currently represented by James Scianimanico and family. Perhaps more team mates will get involved this year?


Not much happening here. Our team had limited participation in the few events that were held.

Let’s hope we see some growth in this category

Time Trials

All of our events were stopped last year, and so far, putting them on this year has run in to a few challenges. The Airport road (Heintzelmann Blvd) is no longer practical due to increased traffic, so we’ve lost that Tuesday night race.

A Sunday morning race is in planning, with several locations being considered.