Today we have the pleasure of sitting down with Kristina Walters. She is fairly new to the team but has made a substantial impact already. Voted “Miss Congeniality” at our last annual meeting, she is not only a great rider, but a great recruiter and social leader. Many new members of the Katz are here directly due to Kristina’s efforts.

KBS: How did you get started racing?
So I went to the local races like Lake Louisa with the spirit of fun but mostly to help promote Ladies Competitive Cycling. There are a lot of strong ladies in the Central Florida area and not too many local races that they can compete in. I just wanted to hang on and get the feel of the field.

KBS: Do you have a particular goal in mind?
Ride strong and safely enough to support my other team members and their goals. Wear cool racing numbers.

KBS: So what qualifies as a cool racing number?
1, 001 any variation of Number One of course!

KBS: Of course. Anything about you personally that you would like to share?
I really like wine and dark chocolate.

Kristina’s first race win at Lake Louisa

KBS: We’ll remember that for the next team meeting. When was your first race?
Chain of Lakes Road Race March 11th. I learned a lot about not crossing the yellow line, that girls aren’t too chatty during a race, and the last place you want to be is in the very front when the end sprint takes place!

KBS: What races do you like best so far?
So far I have only competed in road courses and TT. I like them both for different reasons. Road courses you get to work as a group and with your teammates. Also, you have that wheel in front of you to push yourself. TT is your mental mind-over-matter and a constant guess of what you have left in the tank.

KBS: How many races have you been in to date?

KBS: Tell us about your bikes. We all like to talk about our bikes.
I have 2 road bikes. The 2011 Jamis Zenith that I learned how to road ride on and spent 7000 miles on, and then there is my 2018 Liv Advance Pro which I am just learning how to really operate. It is a super light bike, with awesome geometry. Designed by ladies for ladies so the bike pretty much comes out of the box just ready to rumble. The adjustments during my fit were minimal and ooohhh and Di2 Electronic shifting. Electronic shifting is wonderful. I purchased this bike from Kyle’s.

Sporting her new Liv bike at the Airport TT

KBS: Do you have a coach right now?
As far as coaching I don’t really have one because I have a team of coaches: Christy Markel, Julie McKenzie, Lauren McMurtry, Tom Elbel, J Del Valle, Kyle Markel have all provided me with great training on how to ride first safely through technique and then strong. Also, I ride with different group rides that have really benefited me: B3, Westside and Lakemont just to name a quick few.

KBS: Do you have any future goals?
I am trying to go through the obvious list of local events 6 Gap, Cross Florida, JHOP but really what I want to do is begin to travel for events. Not so much as a competitor, even though I am super competitive, but just as an ambassador for Ladies Cycling in general. One of the things I love about this sport is the ability for both Ladies and Men to ride and train together.

KBS: Do you have any advice for someone getting into racing?
Fun. It should always be fun. If you are competing and you are not having fun then stop and rethink why you are doing it in the first place.

KBS: OK now for the serious questions: Ross, Joey or Chandler?
John you are really aging yourself with this question. For me it is more like Gosling or Reynolds. And Hey Girl, it’s Gosling.

KBS: Toilet Paper Over Or Under?
Over, how is this even a debate?

“I fell while trying to impress a guy. Reminded me of that scene in Clueless where she falls down the stairs.” (By the way you are dating yourself with this one! – John)

KBS: You’d be surprised at the answers we get. It’s “under” in my house for example. OK, the most embarrassing thing to happen to you on a bike?
I was on a social ride with a guy I really liked, and I went to take a lane and slammed into the girl I was riding next to. I hit the pavement and scratched up me and my bike. The guy ended up telling me he thought I was tough for not crying, but it was the total “Clueless” moment when she fell down the stairs at the school dance.

KBS: Anything you want to say to the world?
Let’s ride bikes!

Kristina won the inaugural season of a women’s division at Lake Louisa. Included 2 podiums and one outright win